Monashee Aquifer Testing/Monashee Well and Pump Servcies

 is a 100% Canadian Family owned business with more than 40 years experience. Having spent more than 4 decades in the water well drilling, pump testing and pump installation fields, we are experts in all aspects of water well construction, testing and pumping. We are fully certified and licensed in well drilling and well pump installations. We proudly serve the southern interior of BC and beyond, and we offer the following services:

      • Well Pump installations
      • troubleshooting and repairs
      • Designing water well systems and solutions
      • Well inspections/camera surveys down to 1000 feet.
      • pumping tests/draw-down tests.
      • Pre-Purchase well system inspection and testing services for property, home and business buyers.
      • Facilitate data collection for Hydrogeological assessments
      • Well and water system consultation services
      • Well Decomissioning
      • Water Sampling services

      Please note that we no longer drill water wells, but would be happy to refer you to reliable expert drillers in your area.

Phone 250-547-6845   cel 250-572-6709


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